The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

Thursday @ 10:30 | Annoyance Theatre NY


About the Show

Every Thursday at 10:30 PM, see a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of NY’s most accomplished comedians.

The “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour” is a curated hour of eclectic, comedic material written in a week with no rehearsals.

Featuring a powerful collective representing a wide cross-section of the NY comedy community, the material varies every week.

The People

Andrew Tisher, Director

Andrew Tisher is an actor, writer and director from Napa, CA. He spent several years in Chicago where he performed at the Annoyance, Upstairs Gallery, and at the iO Theater with the teams Neapolitan, Sports Team and Goldstar. He currently … Continue reading Andrew Tisher

Conner O’Malley, Associate Director

Conner O’Malley started doing comedy in 2005 in his home town of Chicago. Conner has written and performed in over 20 original shows at the Annoyance Theater. He performed at iO on the harold teams Mrs. Dad, Sports Team, and … Continue reading Conner O’Malley

Cast Members

Media & Reviews

The Village Voice says:

If you miss that old “What the hell is happening?” chaotic energy from back in the day, it’s unfolding in a barely marked basement under the Williamsburg Bridge. The Annoyance is the new(ish) sister club of its long-running namesake in Chicago. Holy Fuck is its signature show, a curated hour of eclectic, bizzarro material written in a week with no rehearsals. If this is your thing, it’s going to be… like… your *thing.* We hope that makes sense.

Vulture says:

Comedy’s next generation is already beginning to emerge…’Loud-lings’ is how I like to describe the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, which mixes Chicago-style brashness with the character focus of L.A.’s Groundlings. Perhaps to drown out the jazz coming from upstairs, everything is turned up to 11

The New York Times says:

The funniest show I saw was the free 10:30 p.m. Thursday performance that featured a lively parade of character pieces, mostly loosely crafted monologues that leaned heavily on improvisation.

Time Out NY says:

The insane sketch and improv show, The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour is experimental comedy at its best.

Grub Street says:

Barely a year old, the New York branch of the Annoyance Theatre is still making its name in New York’s UCB-dominated sketch and improv scene. But, for my money (which in this case is $0, as the show is free), Holy Fuck is the most exciting sketch show in the city. The show was brought over from the original Annoyance in Chicago and offers the theater’s style of maximalist sketch comedy. Loud and character-focused, Holy Fuck will make you laugh until you scream, or at least scream until you laugh.