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Mick Napier

Mick Napier
Artistic Director

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Mick Napier, The Annoyance also provides excellent quality training in improvisation. Based on Napier’s book Improvise. Scene From the Inside Out and Behind The Scenes: Improvising Long Form, the Annoyance philosophy focuses on the individual, giving students feedback and support to allow them to find and enhance their personal point of view and creative voice.

About The Annoyance

After 27 years of fearless fun & bold characters, Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre has come to Brooklyn. The Annoyance NY features shows ranging from improvisation to musicals, plays, sketch-comedy, and variety. Shows currently run Thursday through Sunday in a vibrant and uncensored atmosphere.

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Workshops for Business

Workshops feature a series of exercise-games that break down the elements of communication, presentation and innovation. We illustrate real, substantive tactics for creating effective, positive communication, powerful connection, and uninhibited idea generation.

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