What A Joke

WHAT A JOKE is a nationwide comedy festival benefiting The American Civil Liberties Union. Over inauguration weekend, WHAT A JOKE shows will happen simultaneously in 25+ US cities (and Oxford, England), with proceeds going directly to The ACLU. Thank you … Continue reading What A Joke

What A Year

What A Year is a one-time-only never-before-seen three-prov extravaganza created by, NYC luminary, Jodi Lennon. Jodi invites two fucking sick improvisers from the gorgeously rich NYC improv pool to join her on stage to improvise a year-in-the-life of three friends. … Continue reading What A Year

The Golden Hour

Every Saturday The Golden Hour is serving up some crisp comedy offerings. This variety show features sketch, improv, music, stand-up, and whatever else the performers come up with! Hosted by Brian Pisano and Josh Bates. Come join us. Golden Hour will … Continue reading The Golden Hour

Office Hours

This “show” is a prime opportunity to get some work done in a no-nonsense, comedy free environment without any interruptions. Hosted by Justin Linville, this show is a public-service to all who can not find a quiet place to just … Continue reading Office Hours