Clam Up 2

Thursday @ 9:30 | Annoyance Theatre NY


About the Show

Wes Haney and Bardia Salimi present a new batch of their favorite comedy routines that’ll be sure to make you happy as a clam.

“”Mussel” up the courage to go!!!” – Steve “Mr. Jokes” Whalen

The People

Wes Haney, Host

Wes Haney (@westonhaney) is an actor, stand-up, improviser, and host of Singles Motel at The Annoyance. A frequent contributor to The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, he is also a founding member of Chicago video group Sad On Vacation and one … Continue reading Wes Haney

Bardia Salimi, Host

Bardia Salimi is a comedian, actor, and co-host of the stand-up/variety show Hell House at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn. He performs all around the town and you can see his videos here