The Moon Crew

Directed by Danny Groh

Saturday @ 8:00 | Annoyance Theatre NY


About the Show

The Moon Crew answers an S.O.S. distress signal from Dr. Shelley and her crew of AmazonSky scientists stranded on Mars. It was supposed to be an easy shoot-and-scoop job, but the mysterious Dr. Shelley forgot to mention one thing: The musclebound, vodka Red Bull-chugging, shirt ripping…MEATHEADS ON MARS! The stakes launch into the stratosphere when one of the Moon Crew starts lifting… a lot.

There’s a sandstorm brewing on Mars, y’all. Strap in.

The People

Danny Groh, Director

Danny Groh is an actor and improviser from Cedarburg, WI. He recently moved to New York from Chicago where he studied and performed comedy at The Annoyance, Upstairs Gallery, iO Theater, The Playgound, & The Second City for over six … Continue reading Danny Groh

Cast Members