Infinite Jets & Deep Space Live

@ 9:00 | Annoyance Theatre NY


About the Show

Infinite Jets
Infinite Jets is a sketch play that takes place in a not too distant future where the administrative operations of the American government National Football League. The wide cast of characters in this play whisk the audience into an absurd alternate reality where football and capitalism have run riot. This work is a very loose parody of David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus Infinite Jets and has about one fraction of one percent of the content and integrity of that work.*

*Approximation of the actual funny content and Infinite Jets related material. Accuracy subject to interpretation by the audience.

WRITTEN BY AND STARRING: Brian Pisano & Sam Taffel
DIRECTED BY: Philip Markle

Deep Space Live
Join NASA’s Captain Sam Weiss for the galaxy’s hottest, loneliest talk show: Deep Space Live! After five years lost in space and presumed dead, Sam bides his endless time by hosting a killer late-night show, so he’s not alone with his thoughts. With help from his robot sidekick and only friend DANA, Sam sits down for some hard-hitting interviews with the voices in his head, extraterrestrial beings and hip, probably real celebrities.

Sam Weiss
Dana Kaplan-Angle
Jonathan Doyle
Dan Silver

Directed by Joey Price