AP2: Taking Care of Yourself: Drennen Quinn, Sun

The Annoyance lays down its core improv philosophy in AP2 by focusing on taking care of yourself first. AP2 looks at the first moments of a two-person scene and how making decisive initiations with a strong point of view can affect the rest of the scene. In AP2, you will cover:

  • Personal responsibility in a scene − taking care of yourself and your choices
  • Trusting yourself
  • Finding “Your Deal” at the top of the scene
  • The Annoyance’s approach to core improv concepts, such as character work, object/environment work, heightening, and playing close to yourself
  • Creative freedom and a sense of play
  • Getting away from the burden of improv “rules”
  • The responsibility of playing without censorship
  • Individual feedback and lots of stage time.

Class Requirements
Students must have completed AP1, or have substantial improv experience. IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN AP1, please let us know in the comments section (of the registration form) what your experience is.

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Taught By

Drennen Quinn

Drennen Quinn is an actor and comedian living in New York City. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Drennen spent the last seven years writing and performing comedy in Chicago, IL. Having trained at The Annoyance Theatre, iO, and The Second City, … Continue reading Drennen Quinn