What A Joke

WHAT A JOKE is a nationwide comedy festival benefiting The American Civil Liberties Union. Over inauguration weekend, WHAT A JOKE shows will happen simultaneously in 25+ US cities (and Oxford, England), with proceeds going directly to The ACLU. Thank you … Continue reading What A Joke

What A Year

What A Year is a one-time-only never-before-seen three-prov extravaganza created by, NYC luminary, Jodi Lennon. Jodi invites two fucking sick improvisers from the gorgeously rich NYC improv pool to join her on stage to improvise a year-in-the-life of three friends. … Continue reading What A Year

Singles Motel

Top performers from the worlds of stand up, sketch, improv and more come together to improvise, five at a time. Groups are decided by live drawing, so you never know which of these monsters will wind up together. Hosted by … Continue reading Singles Motel

The Golden Hour

Every Saturday The Golden Hour is serving up some crisp comedy offerings. This variety show features sketch, improv, music, stand-up, and whatever else the performers come up with! Hosted by Brian Pisano and Josh Bates. Come join us. Golden Hour will … Continue reading The Golden Hour

The Ghosts & Commuters

Commuters: Hop on the train and get a glimpse into the lives of your fellow commuters in this fully improvised show. The Ghosts: The Ghosts is NYC’s only all-dead improv team! They have nothing to lose so they’re leaving it … Continue reading The Ghosts & Commuters

Nervosa: The Musical!

Anne Iowa (from Kansas City, Missouri, Illinois County) travels to Nervosa, a special place for special people who hate their bodies! Her new friend Clarissa (a self-identified fat Samantha) shows her around, but is Nervosa the right fit for Anne? … Continue reading Nervosa: The Musical!

Office Hours

This “show” is a prime opportunity to get some work done in a no-nonsense, comedy free environment without any interruptions. Hosted by Justin Linville, this show is a public-service to all who can not find a quiet place to just … Continue reading Office Hours

Twat the Night (Improv Jam)

It’s an improv jam. For girls. Followed by a dance party. For all. Hosted by Marybess Pritchett and Heather Harrison. Jam starts at 11:30PM, so get to the Annoyance to drop your name in the bucket before.

Triple Feature

Three completely original shows for the price of one! Different shows every week.

Bad Habits

BAD HABITS is a month long social/improvisational experiment. Each week, the cities most degenerate, despicable, and deplorable improvisers and comedians will be challenged to give up their bad habits for the sake of comedy. Starting Monday, January 9th: – GROUP … Continue reading Bad Habits

The Sensible Show

A weekly showcase of New York’s best standup comedy featuring comics from HBO, The Daily Show, Conan, and more every Wednesday at 7pm. Hosted by Myq Kapan (Netflix), Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight), Chris Duffy (You’re the Expert), and Evan … Continue reading The Sensible Show


Postmen (Matt Barats, Anthony Oberbeck, Carmen Christopher) perform the best improv show in the city, with two different groups opening each week.

Annoyance Presents Improv: Detention + Selfish Green Men

Featuring improv teams: Detention Selfish Green Men Detention Come watch the Annoyance NY’s improv instructors fuck up everything they teach. Selfish Green Men Selfish Green Men are Danny Groh and Andrew Tisher. United by the common pursuit of gratifying all … Continue reading Annoyance Presents Improv: Detention + Selfish Green Men

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

A collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of NY’s most accomplished comedians.

The Juice

The Juice is a comedy variety show which includes some of New York’s best – Stand Up, Sketch Comedy, and Improv. It’s the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month hosted by Carmen Christopher who’s a Comedy Central “Comics to … Continue reading The Juice

No Jokes Allowed

A comedy open mic for writers to try their sketches/characters/anti/etc – anything but conventional stand-up. There are monthly themes that you can follow! Or not!


There’s a saying in showbiz that goes “Short form sells.” This simple truism is known across the whole US of A. Now, Skinprov: a long running Annoyance Theatre improv show where performers STRIP down to their scant foundation garments, is … Continue reading Skinprov

The Annoyance Presents Improv: Detention + Gun Club

Featuring improv teams: Detention Gun Club Detention Come watch the Annoyance NY’s improv instructors fuck up everything they teach. Annie Donley Frank Angelini Michael Bertrando Andrew Tisher Anthony Oberbeck Devin Bockrath Philip Markle Phil Meister Gun Club The sharp shooters … Continue reading The Annoyance Presents Improv: Detention + Gun Club

Cartoon Monsoon

A love letter to beloved shows like Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Lamb Chop’s Play-Along, comedians Joe Rumrill and Mary Houlihan invite you to a cavalcade of original costumed characters, animations, and sketches from both real humans and puppet humans.

Love Ain’t Never Gonna

A new play every month created by Caitlin Dullea and Thomas Fricilone with the help from their favorite writers, comedians, and performers. February Features: Jo Firestone Brett Davis and more!

AP5 Class Show: Oberbeck, Winter Run

NY class show featuring NY students enrolled in our 8-week classes: AP5 w/ Anthony Oberbeck

AP5 Grad Show

Graduates of the Annoyance NY improv program present a brand new, improvised show. Directed by Anthony Oberbeck