Postmen (Matt Barats, Anthony Oberbeck, Carmen Christopher) perform the best improv show in the city, with two different groups opening each week.

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

A collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of NY’s most accomplished comedians.

Disco Demolition

On July 12, 1979, an ill-fated radio promotion turned Comiskey Park into the largest anti-Disco rally in the history of mankind. Explosive shock jock Steve Dahl filled the stadium beyond capacity with his “anti-disco army,” comprised mostly of the beer-swilling … Continue reading Disco Demolition

Cartoon Monsoon

A love letter to beloved shows like Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Lamb Chop’s Play-Along, comedians Joe Rumrill and Mary Houlihan invite you to a cavalcade of original costumed characters, animations, and sketches from both real humans and puppet humans.

Singles Motel

Top comedians from the worlds of stand up, sketch, tv, film, and more come together to improvise in an unpredictable mix. Hosted by Wes Haney

The Golden Hour

Every Saturday The Golden Hour is serving up some crisp comedy offerings. This variety show features sketch, improv, music, stand-up, and whatever else the performers come up with! Hosted by Brian Pisano and Josh Bates. Come join us.

Nervosa: The Musical!

Anne Iowa (from Kansas City, Missouri, Illinois County) travels to Nervosa, a special place for special people who hate their bodies! Her new friend Clarissa (a self-identified fat Samantha) shows her around, but is Nervosa the right fit for Anne? … Continue reading Nervosa: The Musical!

Lake Homo High

Lake Homo High is a teen drama in which everyone has a secret…(hint: they’re all gay). On the outside it’s a typical high school with science fairs, basketball games, and homecoming dances, but below the surface it’s filled with secrets, … Continue reading Lake Homo High

Love Ain’t Never Gonna

A new play every month created by Caitlin Dullea and Thomas Fricilone with the help from their favorite writers, comedians, and performers.

Bad Habits

Each week, the cities most degenerate, despicable, and deplorable improvisers are split up into two groups and challenged to give up OR indulge in their BAD HABITS for the sake of comedy. From Creator Sam Taffle: *** IT’S OSCARS NIGHT … Continue reading Bad Habits

Popcorn Hour

Popcorn Hour is a lot like a night at the movies, but if the movie was an improv set, and the popcorn was free! Come see New York’s finest comedians put on a show for you that’ll leave you much … Continue reading Popcorn Hour

Sparkle Hour!

Find your inner sparkle! Battle dragons and inner demons in this true-life, one-man musical following Philip Sparkle, a wannabe wizard who gets sucked into a black hole called Grindr, comes out to a room full of nuns, and discovers what … Continue reading Sparkle Hour!

Louder Than Jazz

A monthly show hosted by Matt Barats. Guests perform comedy inspired from online videos. One goal of the show is to be louder than the music coming from the jazz club upstairs.

Beautiful Horses

A monthly show produced by Anthony Oberbeck.  Every show is new, every show is beautiful. Hosting from Anthony Oberbeck and Danny Groh.

Obama’s America (Open Mic)

Ziwe is hosting an Open Mic at the Annoyance Theatre in Williamsburg and it’s so fun and carefree it’s like Obama never left office. Bring your stand-up, characters, sketches, whatever you want! Just don’t be racist.

AP5 Grad Show

Graduates of the Annoyance NY improv program present a brand new, improvised show. Directed by Jed Resnik

You Are Heard

You Are Heard – we’re here to listen to things you’re sad, angry, frustrated or just feeling strongly about. We will listen to comedians and audience members share their emotions and help them deal with it in whatever way they … Continue reading You Are Heard

Twat the Night (Improv Jam)

It’s an improv jam. For girls. Followed by a dance party. For all. Hosted by Marybess Pritchett and Heather Harrison. Jam starts at 11:30PM, so get to the Annoyance to drop your name in the bucket before.


LAURA and DEANNA is an evening of comedy featuring two back to back one woman shows. We do some weird stuff, fun stuff, dark stuff, and emotional stuff proving that women CAN do it all! Here’s what people are saying: … Continue reading LAURA and DEANNA

Wes & Bardia Live

Wes Haney and Bardia Salimi present a night of all-new stand up, sketch, improv and more with special guests.

No Jokes Allowed

A comedy open mic for writers to try their sketches/characters/anti/etc – anything but conventional stand-up. There are monthly themes that you can follow! Or not!


There’s a saying in showbiz that goes “Short form sells.” This simple truism is known across the whole US of A. Now, Skinprov: a long running Annoyance Theatre improv show where performers STRIP down to their scant foundation garments, is … Continue reading Skinprov