Annoyance Presents Improv

Come check out The Annoyance’s signature improv style performed by 2 different groups weekly! 3/8 Sketches in Sketchers Everyone has been asking, “Could a sketch duo perform some of their best sketches while wearing a pair of Sketchers?!” Nick Pearl … Continue reading Annoyance Presents Improv


Postmen (Matt Barats, Anthony Oberbeck, Carmen Christopher) perform the best improv show in the city, with two different groups opening each week.

AP5 Grad Show

Graduates of the Annoyance NY improv program present a brand new, improvised show. Directed by Jed Resnik

Clam Up 2

Wes Haney and Bardia Salimi present a new batch of their favorite comedy routines that’ll be sure to make you happy as a clam. “”Mussel” up the courage to go!!!” – Steve “Mr. Jokes” Whalen

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

A collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of NY’s most accomplished comedians.

The Sparkle Zone

You are entering: THE SPARKLE ZONE! A monthly variety show, hosted by Philip Sparkle! A universe of joy and gays, freaks and cabarets!

Unplugged with Tommy McNamara

The FINAL edition of Tommy McNamara’s monthly comedy and music variety hour. Like any series finale, there will be laughter, catharsis, and closure. The show will feature performances from: John Reynolds (Search Party), Corinne Fisher (Guys We F#@cked), Kyle Ayers … Continue reading Unplugged with Tommy McNamara

The Juice

The Last Juice at The Annoyance. The Juice is a comedy variety show which includes some of New York’s best – Stand Up, Sketch Comedy, and Improv. Hosted by Carmen Christopher who’s a Comedy Central “Comics to Watch”.

The Golden Hour

Every Saturday The Golden Hour is serving up some crisp comedy offerings. This variety show features sketch, improv, music, stand-up, and whatever else the performers come up with! Hosted by Brian Pisano and Josh Bates. Come join us.

The Moon Crew

The Moon Crew answers an S.O.S. distress signal from Dr. Shelley and her crew of AmazonSky scientists stranded on Mars. It was supposed to be an easy shoot-and-scoop job, but the mysterious Dr. Shelley forgot to mention one thing: The … Continue reading The Moon Crew

No Jokes Allowed

A comedy open mic for writers to try their sketches/characters/anti/etc – anything but conventional stand-up. There are monthly themes that you can follow! Or not!


There’s a saying in showbiz that goes “Short form sells.” This simple truism is known across the whole US of A. Now, Skinprov: a long running Annoyance Theatre improv show where performers STRIP down to their scant foundation garments, is … Continue reading Skinprov

Bad Habits

SPECIAL TIME 3/26 7:00pm! Each week, the cities most degenerate, despicable, and deplorable improvisers are split up into two groups and challenged to give up OR indulge in their BAD HABITS for the sake of comedy. From Creator Sam Taffle: … Continue reading Bad Habits