Jed Resnik

Jed Resnik is an actor, improvisor, writer, and native New Yorker. He started improvising at Skidmore College, home of the National College Comedy Festival, where he performed with the ad-Liberal Artists. Moving to Chicago after receiving his B.S. in Theater, he studied with Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton and Susan Messing at the Annoyance, Del Close at iO, and Martin deMaat at Second City (among many, many others). In Chicago, Jed performed regularly as a founding member of both Genealogy and JTS Brown, was a company member at ComedySportz Chicago (where he also taught), and co-starred in the award-winning 2002 movie No Sleep ‘til Madison. In New York City, he was a cast member of Let’s Have A Ball at the UCB and can currently be seen performing with Chica GoGo at the PIT.

He has written numerous sketches and industrials for various companies and will probably coach your improv group if you ask him nicely.

Currently Teaching